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Not getting activation email




   Im the IT Manager of my company and im having issues to get the activation email on a new account, whenever i request the code the code never gets to the account email, i already checked the spam folder but its not there, altho i created an alias on that email and the activation msg does arrive, so im thinking the email should have some sort of block on zoom servers or something that is preventing it from sending the activation email, but i tried to submit a ticket and the system closes my ticket automatically cause im not a pro user but a free one


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Javito1081 please refer to the Knowledge Base Article on Not receiving emails from Zoom, please read over all details.


After you've checked IP addresses and spam filters, and confirm that users still aren't receiving activation emails, you can submit a request to Zoom Support to check if the email address is on a bounce list.


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