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My dad died and zoom wants a death certificate


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I very much appreciate any help.


My dad died in December and Zoom wants a copy of the death certificate to cancel his monthly subscription. This seems like a lot to ask considering Zoom is not a bank, retirement account, etc. death certificates cost money, granted not much but it’s a huge inconvenience for my mom to get more official copies. why can’t zoom just look at his obituary and agree to stop the monthly charge? At this point, my mom is more likely to cancel the debit card rather than deal with zoom anymore. Zoom customer service people, what’s up with your terrible process? Is people faking death to get out of a subscription such a huge problem for your company that you require a death certificate? 





Zoom sucks bro.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Did you ever get this sorted out? I recently lost my best friend of 20 years, and while I got Zoom to cancel the account and remove the charges that occurred after she died, their "gentle reminder" script about how subscriptions work and calling it a " one-time courtesy" was tone deaf at best, and it really pissed me off.


No one knew she even had a paid Zoom account, and there was no reason to think she did. I only found out when Zoom attempted to charge her invalid credit card no less than 4 times for the month following her death. As she lived alone and had no joint accounts, all of her credit and debit cards were frozen immediately, and thank God because Zoom would have probably tried recharging indefinitely and let the bill accumulate rather than just cut off service, which is what most businesses do when charges are declined.


I managed to get into her Zoom account and cancel that way, but the unpaid bill for August remained. As she died early July and no one knew this account existed I contacted customer service to let them know the situation and please remove this one outstanding charge from after her death.


They removed it and didn't ask for any proof of death although I offered to send any documentation they needed, but the messaging when they did implied I may be pulling a fast one, and it was absolutely infuriating. It was probably a copy/paste scripted answer, but it was entirely inappropriate to use in this circumstance. I would have rather been asked to provide proof of death than have to read some passive-aggressive gaslighty note about how Zoom was doing a favor just this one time. 🙄 No, it's not a kind favor. It's a swift kick in the teeth to the grieving. The account holder is literally dead. No one is trying to pull a fast one from the grave!