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Account subscription renewal


We have had an account subscription with Zoom for a year now, but for some reason our phone service stopped on Monday and we discovered our account representative did not set it up for auto renewal.  We have called our rep as well as customer support and it has been a week now and we are unable to get our account reinstated. We are concerned we are going to lose our phone number which we have had for over 20 years.


We are an IT company and we rely on our phones for our clients to call in when they require support.  We have been without phone service for almost a week now which is unacceptable.  I have been emailing out account rep and Zoom customer support everyday and leaving multiple phone messages for our account rep.  So far the only response I have received is a generic email:


"Thank you for contacting Zoom Billing and my sincerest apology for the delayed reply as we are currently experiencing a heavier-than-expected workload.

To best assist you, I will be escalating your request and will reach out to you with more information as soon as possible. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated."


I received that response 3 days ago. I have to say Zoom support and our account rep are terrible and I can honestly say I would not recommend their VoIP service to anyone in good conscience. I am only sorry I didn't know how awful their support was before setting up 2 of our clients with their service.  I can't even speak to anyone using their 800 number because our account was setup with a contract and was informed only our rep can assist us with our request.  Our rep has only called me once and that was the day after I left her the 1st message reporting our issue.  Other than that I have not heard one word from her.


I don't know if anyone else had a similar experience with Zoom support, but if you have, you have my deepest sympathy as this has been quite frustrating and is still ongoing.  I'm hoping by posting something on this forum, someone from Zoom will see it and reach out to me.