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Zoom ReDirecting when trying to join


Several of our clients over the last two weeks are having problems getting into our Zoom meetings.  The go to the calendar entry, hit the Zoom link, then there is a delay and the screen references something like:  ...being ReDirected...  Then there could be some steps to follow and then they finally get into the meeting, several minutes late and a bit flustered.  Any idea why they are having issues?  We have hundreds/thousands of Zoom meetings and I am not doing anything differently than all other Zoom invites that have never had an issue.  Yes, most are from the same company so maybe a firewall issue???  Thank you.





I wanted to check in as I see you have not yet received a reply from the community. Apologies for the delay! 

Can you provide us with a bit more details? What URL are they being redirected to and what are the steps being taken to get into the meeting? Are they all using the same browser?


Keep us updated! I'd love to help investigate this further. 


Zoom Community Team


Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Hi Carla, 
I wanted to jump in here as I just started experiencing the same thing today after Zoom updates were installed. Now when I click on the link, it redirects me to another page where I have to click on that link to get to the meeting. Once I do that it works but I was waiting for it to redirect itself. How can I bypass that step or get the link to redirect itself so it's seamless? I'm afraid we're going to have participants who don't realize they have to click on the second redirect link in order to join and then they will just drop.


This has been happening to me to this leat week, I have joined 4 meetings and had the same redirect message.  why is this happening?