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Stop video panel from floating and minimizing during screen share


I use two monitors. I use zoom on one screen and the content I am sharing is on the other screen. Now when I hit screen share, Zoom minimizes and floats the video panel on that screen. Previously, when I selected screen share, it kept the video panel maximized/ full screen on the one screen, while sharing the content from the other screen. 


I've tried toggling all the various back-end controls to keep the video panel maximized while screen sharing, but can't seem to find how to do that. 


Can someone please advise? 


Rachel - I appreciate the response but this does NOT answer my question. In fact it misses my question entirely. I do NOT want meeting controls hidden. Not at all. I want everything - meetings controls and video panel - to stay maximized and full screen. This was what it used to do. I am asking: how do I get it do that again? 


I have the same problem and it drives me nuts. I use a very large monitor with various apps open side by side. When I start sharing in zoom I don't want the video panel to change but I've also never been able to find a setting that stops it from minimising. Surely there's a way to fix this - anybody?


This screen share change is non-functional and is driving me nuts who ever in zoom fiddled with the program to turn off the host screen and make it minimize needs to be sacked. I hate not having my main screen in full gallery to see the students while I am screen sharing, I am sick of having to resize it all the time. Zoom tech need to fix this immediately.