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My zoom pro account is behaving like a basic account


I have a zoom pro account and for some reason it is behaving like a basic account. It keeps warning me that I only have 40 minutes for my scheduled meeting even though I have recurring meetings in there that are an hour and have had for months. It also won't let me record anything to the cloud.


Does anyone know if there's a way to refresh or reset it? I event tried to send in a chat for help which I'm supposed to be able to do with pro but it won't let me!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If it's acting like a free, basic account it probably thinks it's a free, basic account.

i.e. If you have more than one Zoom account, one that is paid (pro) and an additional one that is a basic account, then it may be as simple as you think you're signed-in with the paid account credentials, but due to credential caching, when Zoom auto-launches when clicking on a link we really don't often pay attention to the credentials that it used.

I would encourage signing-out, and being explicit about signing-in with your known credentials  on the paid account and see if that helps.

You can also login into to the Zoom Web Portal with the credentials on your paid account, go to "Profile" (not Account Profile), scroll down to the Account section and see what it says the license type is. NOTE: If you check this under "Account Profile" and the free account happens to be a sub-account of the paid account, the "Account Profile" page will show you the account type of the master account, not the sub-account that you might be logged in as.

I hope that all makes sense and provides a little help. I've run into this more times than I'd like.

Good luck!

Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Contributor I
Contributor I

Log into your Zoom account from myTC portal.
Click on Student, Faculty, or Employee Resources and under General Technology Resources, click TC Zoom.
In your Zoom account, click Profile.
Under User Type if it says Licensed you have a Zoom Pro account.


Hope this helps,