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Broadcast Message - Break Out Rooms


Hi there

My students are requesting that there be some way to  give them an audio/verbal broadcast message. This is because the broadcast messages at the top of their screens are often not seen by the group. I was doing a great activity where the students have to move through a set of documents, with 5 minutes on each, but they were not seeing the prompts to move to the next. In addition, messages they do see often fade away too quickly.

I know we can share screens with the BOR but that limits the groups abilities, so to me, that is not a solution.

What can you do Zoom??



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, @Deirdre-D.  So far, Zoom only has the Broadcast Message and the Share Screen to Broadcast Rooms features, which I'm sure you've seen from this Zoom Support article: 


Us volunteers in the Zoom Community don’t have a way to handle feature requests but you can make a feature request directly to Zoom staff with this link:

Tell them what you need and why you need it... they do read these requests!

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