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Is it possible to share and edit a prepared whiteboard from break out rooms ?




We are facing a difficulty with the Whiteboard application. We created a whiteboard into our account with differents elements that we'd like to share with the participants to our meeting, while they are spread OUT into the different break out rooms.  The objective is for them to have access and be able to edit the whiteboard from the different break out rooms.

But it seems that they can only create a new whiteboard within the break out room, the cannot use the one already created by our organisation. The participants are not part of our organisation and we cannot share our account with them.

We would like to know if this is possible to share and edit a prepared whiteboard from the break out rooms ? and if so, which instructions should we follow ?


Thank you so much in advance,




Observer | Zoom Employee
Observer | Zoom Employee

Hello CartONG! 

Apologies for the late reply here, but this is definitely possible! What you can do is send a link to each of your users so they can access the whiteboard from different breakout rooms. You can find the link to the board in the share modal. You can also open the board in the browser and collaborate there.


Hope that helps!


Matt P. from Zoom