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Enabling Zoom Whiteboard for Specific Users


How do I enable whiteboard only for specific users. 

I have created a group for testing and can allow the functionality there, but only if I unlock the setting at the account level.


From what I’ve read, all users have whiteboard enabled by default. Won’t this just enable it for all of I unlock it?


please help 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello PPTBJ,

You're on the right track.

From the Admin > Account Management > Account Settings - you would set the two high level settings (Enable In-Meeting Whiteboard and/or Enable Out of Meeting Whiteboard as "Off" but "Unlocked")

You would then create a user group (Admin > User Management > Groups) and add folks to that group and have the settings whiteboard settings "On".

I think your concern is with the "Unlocked" state - users cannot enable WB for themselves. Those two settings I described earlier are only accessible by users with Whiteboard Admin role privileges. 

Hope that helps.



Thanks Stephen,


My concern is that the users already have Whiteboard enabled in settings and if I unlock the feature then they will all get whiteboard, including the group I create. 


I read that whiteboard was default enabled for all users now.


When I look at any user, I see whiteboard (classic) enabled