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Zoom Meeting Whiteboard Functions


Good Day!

I am new to Zoom so on a steep learning curve. Using Zoom on my iPad Mini 4 (iOS 15.3.1)

My wife was thinking she might be able to use Zoom to remotely help  our Grandson with his math challenges at school. 

Just wondering if it’s possible to post pictures on a Zoom Virtual Whiteboard or paste screenshots from the iPad’s Clipboard. 

Your help would be very much appreciated!!






Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@WillyB That sounds awesome!  If your wife is meeting with your grandson, have her click on the 'Share Content' icon (should be at the tope of the screen), then scroll down to the last option which should be 'Whiteboard'.  Anything she draws on the whiteboard will be shared.


Alternatively, if she would prefer some other application such as notepad, she can use the 'Share Screen' and pick the first option 'Screen' and anything she does on the iPad can be shared with your grandson.


If this works out for you, please click on 'Accept as Solution' below.  Good luck!

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @WillyB! Did you and your wife find @colegs ' response helpful? If you did, please consider accepting it as a solution 😊