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Unable to see or search for users to start a new chat


I have a new employee who is able to log into Zoom via SSO successfully on both his Mac and iPad. We've done a video call successfully, as well as being able to send him a direct chat message. 

However, he is completely unable to start a new chat with anyone who hasn't sent him a message first. When he selects Chat > More Options > New Chat, and then attempts to enter another employee's name in the "To:" field, only people he has received chats from already show up. None of our other employees show up for him to reach out to.

This is also the case when he navigates to the "Contacts" tab in the main Zoom window, as well as attempting a Search in the master search field. This behavior is happening on BOTH his Mac and iPad, so it's not specific to a device. 

This is causing a major disruption in his workflow, as we use Zoom as our primary method of internal communication. Does anyone have any ideas? What am I missing?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @RZAdmin,
My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! My first thought is that this is a caching issue and his Zoom Application is picking up his old credentials. I would clear cache, log out of both the mac and iPad and log back in to get those two devices talking to the server again and see if that clears things up. The other option is to uninstall and reinstall to get it talking to the server. The desktop application is not always dynamic and our data sometimes "stays at rest" inside the application. You sometimes have to kick start it (reinstall) to get it to function properly. This is not typical but I have seen and had it happen to me before on a new iPhone that I purchased. 




Brandon (he/him/his)
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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?