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gesture recognition and thumbs up WILL NOT GO AWAY


i just randomly had this start happening on my zoom.  it's NOT my computer as i have FaceTime turned off and never used on my computer.  it has nothing to do with my mac.  i googled found the instructions on how to turn them off and found they were turned on (without my permission) and i turned them off.  well they still are happening


i film class content on zoom and when i am 45 minutes into a class and then this weird thumbs up appears on the screen it is a major issue and is ruining my video content!


now i search for the gesture recognition term and it has magically disappeared from all settings so you cannot even find it.  but it is still happening and it is not my computer that needs fixing.  


i need help with this- as it's creating issues with my classes and i am having to cut and edit videos which sucks 





Yup. The features no one asked for are ruining the Zoom experience.