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Information about Zoom accounts for non-profit educational organization


Dear Zoom's team,

We're writing with regard to the information about Zoom accounts for non-profit educational organization. We are the Vietnamese Meditation Center (Thien Viet) - a non-profit community education organization based in Vietnam. We're working with the goal of helping the community have a method to improve physical and mental health. It is known that Zoom has an account and support policy specifically for educational institutions, so we would like to contact Zoom's administration to know more about the policy and related special support. Could you please let us know if there's any supports for non-profit educational organization like us.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Does Zoom offer discounts for nonprofits? 

Nonprofits and charities may have access to up to 50% off of their pro Zoom plans, or some nonprofits may choose to organize their calls using standard Zoom features. Learn more about how your nonprofit organization can work in tandem with Zoom pricing plans here.


Please contact sales using the following link to discuss your needs and level of discount applicable.

We are also a small charity.  We tried what was said as we only need a single licence for our team meetings where our volunteers are based in different countries.  Zoom works great, but the 40 minute time limit is a pain, hence the decision to upgrade if we can.


Speaking to sales and they say they can only offer the 17% annual discount - no other special offers or discounts for charities.


The Tech Soup partnership (at least in the UK) requires us to pay Tech Soup 50% of the licence cost in order to get a 50% discount off the normal price - so we pay Tech Soup 50% and Zoom 50% - you don't need to be a maths wizz to see that it isn't much of a discount.  Your help team said that this couldn't be true as no-one else had complained about it.  I really don't like being called a liar by the support desk.


The smallest charities and NGO's are the ones who need the biggest help, and we are the ones who seemingly have none from zoom.  It is disappointing.

I've got an answer from Zoom sales in Australia:

"We don't have specific plans or discounts for non-profit organizations right now.
But based on what you need I recommend you signup for the Pro Plan for USD $14.99/month/license or USD $149.99/year/license."


Hi LorryG


we are facing the same problem and I can confirm the situation with TechSoup. It only becomes better when you buy more than one account. The demand is very high at the moment, so they don't need to give discounts to attract new user.  


Very disappointed when I used the live chat function to request details on the not for profit pricing

Me: Hello - we are a small not for profit charity - do you offer a discount for organisations like us?
Zoom: Unfortunately, Zoom does not offer specific non-profit pricing.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Creatives, Zoom does support non-profit. Please review the following blog.,calls%20usin....


Did you click on my previous link and fill out the form providing your company details? There is also a telephone number you can call if you would like to speak to a person about discounts. 


Yep - I looked and found the discount is $13.65 for the 1 license we need after we went through the ConnectingUp process.  A 6.5% discount. Not 20-50% as is mentioned on the website.

We are a tiny organisation of disabled volunteers, paying basically the same amount as a for-profit business. We have purchased a full license for 12 months because we need to ensure that we can reach as many people as we can who are now permanently isolated because of Covid's risk to their lives. It feels like being held hostage by big business, just as we are with much of society not acting in the best interests of everyone. Profits before people is dragging us into some very dark places, and an ugly future.

Hi Bigshout, no where in your links is there a sign up for nonprofits. Connecting with sales doesn't receive a response. Any other options? Thanks!

It seems your sales team don't know about this!! 


Last year we were offered $100 for 1 year of zoom.  Now the price has gone up 50%.  We are also a very small non-profit support group.  Looking for some support from Zoom.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


SerenitySeekers, this forum section is to share knowledge and ideas relating to Zoom rooms and workplace reservations product sets. Commercial related question must to discussed directly with our sales team, on a case by case basis. Please reach out to sale on the details provided in the first reply post. 

1) no idea what "workplace reservations product sets" are.

2) Many of us have reached out to sales and had a miserable response, if any response at all.

3) From time to time zoom offer a discount code in the header of their website. I managed to get a 30% discount this way, whilst being told by sales that there were no special discounts being available apart from the discount for paying annually.


I continue to be disappointed not only with the lack of support for small charities, the incorrect information offered by the company blog and sales reps, and the apparent disdain by employees answering our genuine concerns. This is a shame cos zoom. Is a product we want to use to make a difference in the world. 

I second all of this. The incorrect information and lack of intelligent or timely response is shocking for such a large company with a great product. 

someone please develop competition


I am a non profit organization and would like to set my  unlimitted zoom account