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Best practice for sharing different videos to different Zoom Rooms simultaneously


Good morning, all. I am producing a hybrid conference in January which will have five simultaneous workshop breakouts in Zoom Rooms. As part of these workshop presentations, I need to play pre-recorded videos that will need to begin at various times i.e. presenter in Zoom Room 3 needs their video to start right at the beginning of the session, presenter in Zoom Room 4 will have a quick live intro and then the video needs to start, etc.


What have emerged as the best practices for this type of work? I've been looking into different solutions from having a separate computer logged into each Zoom Room to using Any help is greatly appreciated!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Many different ways to do this, but no slam dunk solutions due to the limitations of the Zoom platform.


Will you need to have this pre-set (completely hands off, no remote operators) or can you get an individual to serve as a 'playback captain' for each room (either remotely or in-person)? This will dictate functional design. Please provide as much info as possible regarding the resources you have at your disposal!

Thanks for the reply.


I will be the one running playback, but I think I need to check my vocabulary with the client when it comes to Zoom. As far as I know there will be two physical sites that attendees will gather together (there will also be remote attendees), but all of the presenters will be remote. 


This does not need to be hands off--I was planning to manually start each video in each breakout room as needed. I guess I'm really wondering is there some central interface I can use to start each video in each room or do I need to have five accounts on five computers logged into each breakout session?