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Zoom Phone Integration w/SalesForce - all calls show unlinked symbol, but they are logged - fix?


@here - I need help! Up until a week ago, when I linked a call in my Zoom/SalesForce (lightning) phone integration, I saw that a call was linked to a Lightning SalesForce account. Now, even though I link the call to the account and verify that it is logged, it is showing the "unlinked" symbol (broken paperclip) after EVERY call. How can I fix this issue? In addition, unless I am on the SF account specifically, even though I link it to a person's name, the name disappears from history after I save the information.



I do not have an answer for you on this, but just wanted to affirm that I've experienced this too. One of our users reported today that some of her calls are not being logged despite our settings that auto save is true. I'm investigating and also noticed this phenomenon on a test call I did. I'm wondering if they're related.