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Transferred calls, other side can't hear.


Have Zoom Phone for about 162 users.  Our users use a combination of Zoom app and Polycom VVX310 desk phones.  Most use both (have a desk phone and use the app when remote).


Our front desk uses a Polycom desk phone but mostly uses the Zoom app with the PowerPak add on.  


I am getting more and more reports of when a call is transferred one person cannot hear the other.  It can vary on if its one of my users who cannot hear, or the remote side, but once that party calls back, the second call - audio is fine.


This is happening on WARM transfers.


Microphone and audio settings are not in play here as its random and occurs with the app and desk phones both, but again completely random.


I am not sure even where to start with this troubleshooting.  Logs show everything is good.  


Call logs do not show any errors of course as the calls are completed


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


I believe we need to analyse the logs to understand what is the issue here. Considering the faulty user experience is not consistent ( it is not happening at all times)  we need to dig into the logs and see where the media packets are blocked/dropped. 

I suggest to open a support ticket for this, if you provide the ticket number I can follow up internally and share the resolution here once we find it. 

Kind Regards


I'm having this same issue.  What is the resolution??

We, as an interim solution, went to Cold Transfers.  We ended up liking that so have not pursued the fix for warm transfers.  Cold Transfers show the name of who is calling which is nice.


We are having nearly an identical problem (late May 2022).  The other side hears us but we can't hear them.  Another law firm is having the exact same problem.  Out setup sounds extremely close to yours.  Tech Support via a support ticket has been AWFUL.  It has been days since it was escalated to Tier 2 support and I have had one contact with Tier 2.  I am not happy with the warm transfer problem but am disgusted with the tech support lack of communication.  I am passing on this bad tech support experience to those considering going with Zoom.  Too bad, I normally am a great cheer leader for vendors.