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SMS text and Recording message.


Hi there i have recently purchased Zoom phone.

Number 1:  Is that whenever i send a text message there is an error occur that says " Your message cannot be sent as you do not have a valid 10 DLC Brand or Campaign"  I have created the campaign also provided information on 10 DLC. On the profile setting it says that text messages are active and enable but when it come to use that service same error occurs. I have send a request to support as well 2 days ago but haven't received any response from them.


Number 2:  Whenever I dial a call and someone answers it there is an automatic voice message starts the this call is recording. I'm trying to turn this voice message alert off but there are hundreds of options I don't know where to find this option.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @MZain2. There are three things that you need to do, and Registering a Brand is just the first one; you need to register a Campaign, and then Allocate a number or numbers to the Campaign.


You can check the Status of you request by going to your Zoom Portal: ADMIN > Advanced > SMS Campaigns


Before the the BRAND and CAMPAIGN(S) are ready to use, they need to be/show  🍏 Active


For all the details, Zoom has a very comprehensive guide you can check to make sure there aren't any pending steps:


On the Issue 2:  For the Call Recording Settings on Phone calls, you need to have administrator access to the User's in the Zoom Phone  System Management.

It can be done directly on a per-user-basis, or at the Location Level (in case you have enabled the Multi-Site that feature).

Look for "Automatic Call Recording" and/or "Ad Hoc Recording" in the "Policy" TAB, either on the Phone User or the Site/Location.


What you need to know is described in details on below link; go directly to the section "Ad hoc and automatic call recording settings".


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are in compliance with your Local Regulations about letting people know they are being recorded.


See a screenshot as an example with Ad hoc Recording:




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