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How to solve poor call quality for Zoom Phone using the iOS App?



  • Making calls using the Zoom iOS app on iPhone 13 (all software up to date)
  • I am using Zoom Phone feature within the app (so that the caller ID is my landline)


  • People on the other end of the line are reporting that they catch every second word.
  • There are constant gaps where it just drops out for half a second.
  • The quality is so bad I've had to terminate every call and call directly from my mobile instead.

Things I've tried:

  1. Deleted and re-installed the app on my iPhone
  2. Turned my iPhone off and on again
  3. Tested using the Zoom App on macOS (a little better, but not great)
  4. Tested with AirPods (in case it was the iPhone mic)
  5. Switching off WiFi and just using 5G data (in case my WiFi was poor)
  6. Checking my speeds (WiFi: 97Mps down / 25Mps up; 5G: 53Mps down / 3.5Mps up)

I just placed this number on all my marketing material and distributed it yesterday. What can I do next to fix this?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi dave14,


these ideas may help.


Desktop client, mobile app, or desk phone

To test your speakers and mic, you can record audio and play it back.

  1. If you're using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, sign in to Zoom, then click or tap Phone
  2. Dial and call *8378
  3. Speak into your mic. Zoom Phone will automatically play back the audio.
    If you don't hear audio being played back, there could be issues with your connection, audio device, or desk phone.


Zoom Network Connectivity Tool

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

When troubleshooting network connectivity issues between the Zoom desktop client and Zoom services, the Network Connectivity Tool can run network tests and potentially provide greater insight into network issues.

Other network troubleshooting steps may include restarting your device, restarting your local modem/router, and checking your anti-virus and firewall settings.

This article covers:


do a clean installation of mobile client


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap iPhone Storage or iPad Storage.
  4. Tap Zoom.
  5. Tap Delete App.
  6. When prompted with Deleting "Zoom" will also delete all of its documents and data. This action can't be undone, tap Delete App.
  7. Once completed, reinstall Zoom on the iOS App Store


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thanks,  eliot