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Excessive spoofed calls/voicemails to our Auto Receptionist Line


Our organization uses Auto Receptionist to field calls to our staff lines and I recently set up the spam filter last week because we have been receiving an excessive amount (10-20 per day) of calls to our Auto Receptionist main line, which leave voicemails that have a beep at the beginning and then no sound. I've researched some of the phone numbers and it appears that businesses, individuals, and mobile phone numbers are being spoofed. Only a few legitimate calls and voicemails are actually coming through (which is normal) but I have to sort through them to find out which ones are real.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi ncta,


you might try setting your ivr timeout options to disconnect the call if user takes no action or says nothing after 1 or more times.


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thanks,  eliot



Thanks for the great suggestion, Eliot! I did recently select this setting a few days ago. Unfortunately, it's still happening. I'm guessing that they are somehow able to select the "0" extension (which is my operator extension) once the line connects. I will try disabling that extension and see if that does anything.