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Changing Zoom Phone numbers (same area code) - will I still receive VMs to my old Zoom Phone number?


Hi! As the subject line portrays. 


I have an existing Zoom Phone number but I was informed it was showing up as a potential spam when I call people. 


I plan to change the Zoom Phone number to a new one. 


My question is if people leave voice messages for that old number will the messages roll to the new number I assign in Zoom Phone? 


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi rinlacquio,


before you change your zoom phone number, you have want to register your existing number with free caller registry.  this may solve your issue.

Free Caller Registry | Home


in addition, please see zoom support article.

Outbound calls blocked or tagged as spam – Zoom Support


if your contacts add your telephone number to their mobile phone contacts, your number will probably not show up as spam on their phones.


if you no longer have the old number, you will not get vm messages for the old number.  if you want to continue to get calls and vm messages on your old number, you will need to retain the old number and add a new number.


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