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Auto Answer Zoom Phone Call on Mac/PC Client


Is there a way on zoom app on a mac/pc to auto answer a phone call?


I am trying to setup a system where people can call into a number and it will auto answer and they can hear the audio feed that is being fed to that computer.


Use case is if the legal team wants to listen in on a meeting; the room audio will be fed to the computer and when they call in they auto connect and hear the room. We don't want the phone ringing and distracting anyone, nor we want the phone call to go un answered. 


Everyone in the room will be aware that there may or may not be people on the phone line. 

Would be even better if it would auto conference multiple callers if more then one member wanted to call in.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi 7thlens,


maybe use a zoom meeting.


please see zoom support article.

Joining a Zoom meeting by phone – Zoom Support


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