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zoom invitation fails with this error Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)


a new co worker sent me a zoom invitation.  when i click on the link and log into my account I get 


Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)


in the web browser


why does this not add the co worker into my zoom chat contacts?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Please confirm your Zoom account IM Setting.

Your account manager may have banned it.

What do you mean by " Zoom account IM Setting"?
What is "IM" in this context?

The problem ""Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)" still exist now many months after it was first discovered, which is unbelivable. If not corrected I will soon move to MS Teams and request refunding from Zoom.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, go-iot


In order to add Zoom users outside your organization to your contacts, both the organization account of the user you are inviting and the organization account of the user being invited must allow it.
Have you confirmed that the settings are correct for both?
If you are happy with the settings, please contact Zoom support.
I am not an employee of Zoom, so there is nothing I can do about it.


I also have a similar problem


Have the same problem




We have the same problem. We cant invite och be invited by other organizations. When we click the invitation-link we get: Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)


In the settings we allow users to chat and invite others. So it should work for external contacts as well. But it dont. 



And the solution was to update the client. Then everything worked just fine. 😁


Just created Zoom accounts for my wife and myself using our gmail accounts. Tried to make her a Zoom Contact using gmail multiple times now, but the mail is never delivered (Yes, I checked her Spam folder). Same thing happens when she tries to make me a Zoom Contact. I then tried using her .me mail address, and I get "Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)". What gives?

Hey jonask. Would you tell me where is setting is located ?



I've also got this issue and have done for a year! Cannot invite anyone into zoom channels as the invite link always fails. I'm on latest client too.


I have this problem also getting "Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)", but also when sending invitation to a gmail account the email never pops up at is not delivered to gmail.
If Zoom does not correct this very soon I will replace Zoom by something else that work.
This Zoom-bug/problem is not tolerable ... NOT!



We have also noticed this problem recently.  Is there any update from the Zoom side as to when this may be addressed?


I'm having the same problem I get an invitation email from zoom to the same email account that I use to login to zoom but when I click on the link I get "Sorry, you cannot use this link to add friends. (124)". I have tried updating zoom on my laptop but that didn't help.


the issue was resolved when i changed back to the old company email account as my login.  the company changed email domains and I changed mine in Zoom but the others stayed with a login using the old company domain.  if we were all on the same email domain it worked.  


Same here


There seems to be a bug when I click the Contact Request link sent via Email, I get an Error 124 in the browser.


Instead of clicking the invite link in the browser, I used the  Zoom app/client to accept the Contact Request.

In the Zoom Client > Chat tab > Contact Requests




same here