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What is Zoom Audio Device?


What is Zoom Audio Device?


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Zoom Moderator

Hey @alexlimbert, its used to connect your computer's audio output to Zoom therefore you can share computer sound (the sound from a video) through a meeting. 

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And how does one go about downloading this 'audio device'? Everything I have tried points me to downloading the actual zoom app. It's been downloaded (on my mac and iphone) since 2019. I just updated it again (do this regularly). One option was to delete the app and then download. Why would I do that? I shared sound at a presentation a year ago and I don't have time to figure out if all my correct settings would be set before meeting if I delete and download again.  Thanks!

I have also started a meeting with two (one on computer, one on iphone). Playing sound on computer (spotify) and phone states that I am sharing computer sound but do not hear the music.

The screen that pops up when I go to Screen Share/Advanced/Computer Audio/Share says:

To share your computer audio, please install the Zoom audio device.
Please restart your audio sharing application, such as the media player, after install to continue sharing computer sound. Then has a box for me to Enter my password to allow this. 
It rejects my password. So I'm really at a loss for everything I have tried. Cannot find said "device" anywhere.


How do I get zoom audio device as a selection for input and output? The only options that show up in the drop down menus for input and output are my focusrite interface, and the computer audio. Im having trouble sharing audio from my computer when screen sharing on meetings.