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sound problem with Zoom and windows 11


I recently bought a HP Envy which comes with windows 11

I've been part of a Zoom open mic for over a year and joined the open mic whilst using HP A8 on windows 10 with no problems, but with the HP Envy on windows 11 no music or musical instruments, or even whistling is heard by other's taking part, whilst talking is heard.


I've gone through the settings on both the laptop and on windows with latest updates installed without success, I am one stop away from taking the laptop back and demanding either money, but having installed so much would rather get to the bottom of what's causing the problem any help would be most appriciated


Regards John Shaw





Having same issue. Have done research, others are having this issue as well. Zoom and Microsoft need to resolve this ASAP!


same here ...... Can't use the laptop for doing what I bought it for


I've been inform that until Windows get their act together by bring out a patch of zoom manages a work around we are lumbered unless we role back to using windows 10 where they haven't got the problem which suggests  it's  a windows 11 fault

I have just experienced the same problem with an Open Mic on Zoom that works great on Windows 8. The sound on my new Windows 11 laptop was absolutely terrible, I had to go back to my old laptop to participate. Very frustrating as you assume that a newer version will be better not worse! Just like above, voices were kind of okay, but couldn't hear guitar at all.



One of my online group, who was able to go back to Windows 10,  has just shared this:

"Just updated (again) to Windows 11, doesn't seem to be any issues this time. On version 22H2"
Could be worth a try...

I just sent my laptop back and got another... 'Windows 11 Ready'  but still on ten!!


Thanks. Unfortunately I am already on version 22H2, it was just installed a few days ago. I wonder whether there is some settings that need to be changed, but I can't see anything under audio settings on Windows or Zoom.



I was having the same issue, and read another post suggesting this: in Zoom settings, Audio, Advanced: turning off the "signal processing by windows audio device drivers". I made this change and now my musical instrument playing can be heard by others in the meeting/lesson. The last result suggestion was to reinstall Windows 10. 


It is January 20, 2023. I just got Win11 laptop last week, and now people in zoom meetings cannot hear the bell...nor my voice in the same pitch. I already reinstalled zoom and updated my sound system worked for a day, then stopped working there a solution yet? this was NEVER a problem with win 10

I went back to Windows 10. Other ringers have since reported that the issue has been fixed.


Have you checked to see that you have the latest update? - there have been several close together, recently. Zoom reported I was fully up to date yet I could see there was a higher version number.


I have been experiencing the same issue with Zoom and Winows11. Even if I make the adjustments in the settings that I have read everywhere else, it does not work. They hear 2 notes of music and then it cuts out for the instrument. So frustrating.😖


In Zoom audio settings, on the advanced page, set the Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers to OFF.  That fixed the problem for me, at least.


We experienced the same problem and have tried everyting but scaling down to w10. But today I found a tip. As someone here said, in Sound manager, untick let Windows hardware manage sound (or something similar) as well as Sound improvement. That made the thing. Now  we hear all kind of sounds sent by Zoom, music, song and speach. What a relief.

Hope you have the same experience.


I've had the same problem with my new computer and Windows 11. Tried everything. I do trainings online and voices are muddled. Horrible. I rely on this for work.