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issue with zoom mac client


I recently find a problem with zoom mac client that if I use a host that not exist (e.x. norhteastern.zoom.us) to login with sso, then all functions with zoom mac clinet will not work properly. I cannot login or enter a meeting! However, if I use another sso that exist (like bham-ac-uk.zoom.us), then the problem is solved. I hope the zoom team can handle this issue ASAP. Thanks!


Community Champion


Good day.  You shouldn't be able to authenticate to a Zoom tenant to which you are not a member.  Are you a member of the University of Birmingham's Zoom environment or perhaps linked to them in some way?  As you can see from the screenshot below, my account is not part of nor linked to that tenant and therefore I cannot authenticate against it.  Can you provide some additional clarity as to your process for logging in to Zoom?  Is this when joining a meeting or your first authentication of the day or something entirely different?





well that's the case: I don't have to login to the sso, but if I use a sso host that totally not exsit, the problem will come out; and if I use another available sso (even if I cannot login), then it works.

maybe you can try: (notexist.zoom.us)

then the explore shows empty page because it does not exist and you can try to use the mac client to login to your email account

then you may find that you cannot login, and you cannot attend any meetings, also cannot register.

I think it's because the wrong sso lead to an internet failure because the server doesn't exist.

I'm not sure if the same problem would apply to you, but it happens to me.

i can provide with screenshots if you need.