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Zoom Team Need To See This.


There is an app called UCanAssess by Learning Spiral in Google Play Store, Telling me to delete the Zoom app or else it will not work. I just download that worst app because my company told me to. I think this UCanAssess app is against the law and order and also the violating the google play policy. I think the Zoom team needs to see this and take an action against this UCanAssess as fast as possible.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, exam proctoring software like this and other locked-down browsers are designed to prevent someone from using other communications apps, like Zoom, while taking an exam, in order to prevent cheating that might take place. 

Unfortunately, Zoom has very little control over what other apps do and require upon install. If you are worried about this app, you should contact the Google Play Store directly, as they would be responsible for removing this app from their store.