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i can´t delete cloud recordings


Host can delete cloud recordings
This allows the host to delete the recordings. If this option is disabled, recordings cannot be deleted by the host and can only be deleted by the administrator.


I can not activate the possibility of deleting

Please, Can you tell me how to activate the button and make it blue, so that I can delete the recordings from the cloud?



I am having the same problem.  I get a pop-up saying "Something went wrong.  Please refresh this page." everytime I try to delete any of my Zoom cloud recordings.  I increased my recording storage space to not run out of space but thar's not what I would have liked to have done.  I wanted to simply delete my old Zoom meeting recordings from the Zoom cloud.  It feels like coercion or extortion.  Is this the type of reputation Zoom wants?  I have spent nearly a month with their support tech or rep Elijah Bolano and nothing he recommends has helped.  I don't even know if he is a real person!