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how to create multiple recurring meetings with custom IDs and Passcodes


How can I create multiple recurring meetings with different titles, custom IDs (for example, xxxxxx0001, xxxxxx0002, etc), and passcodes set by me. I only see two options: automatically generated or PMI. When I choose PMI for these meetings they all have the same ID and when I change the passcode for one meeting it changes it for all. I prefer to set my own IDs and Passcodes for each recurring meeting (local community groups) for the older members who only choose to open Zoom and type the ID and Passcode to join. I don't like the idea of having the same ID and passcode for every one of these meetings as the only way to have customized ID/Passcode. An acceptable alternative for me would be the ability to have the same ID but different passcodes for each recurring meeting. Any solutions?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

There is no way for you to control the exact meeting ID set for a session. You either choose your static PMI, or you get a random, available meeting ID. I would suggest scheduling multiple no-fixed-time meetings, to simply the overall scheduling process. 


I would like to do the same thing-seems like a shortfall in zoom