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audio compression issue


During Covid, pro songwriters learned that writing with co-writers anywhere in the world was easy with Zoom. Last week for some reason, out of the blue, I have a compression issue. It could be caused by a Zoom version upgrade possibly, idk.


the problem:

If I speak or sing, my collaborator can hear me fine but if I play a chord on an acoustic instrument or even a single string, the other person can't hear it or they say it's cutting out (on their end) so badly that it makes no sense.


any thoughts on this are very appreciated, trey



I have this too but with Piano. Been working fine for several years now, all of a sudden last week no piano sound. Checked all settings and on different devices this week, no luck. Any ideas on how to fix?


There was a change in November 2022 that disabled Original Sound by default.  You now have to enable the setting in Preferences, AND turn it back on for every meeting.  Have you done that?

Thanks. Yes, had that done, was working great until last week. Tried turning it off, back on, restarted software and on the other persons device too. Made no difference.