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Zoom web version and Zoom Client feature frustrations


Hi all,

Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with the unlimited recurrence and alphabetical display of meetings of web vs. Zoom Client app version on a laptop?  Here is what we have:


Client version on computer: meetings are nicely displayed in alphabetical order so you can quickly find a recurring meeting you are about to have and launch it fast.  BUT, if you want to schedule a new recurring meeting that occurs at any time, you don't have the option to select.


Web version on computer: meetings aren't displayed in alphabetical order and no option to even sort them, BUT you CAN schedule a meeting for unlimited time recurrence.


So, what I have to do is use both the Client version AND the web version.  The web version to make sure a new meeting can be set to unlimited, and then the computer app version to actually quickly find it listed in alphabetical order. 


A paying Zoom Pro customer should be able to select either using Client, OR the web based version and have ALL the features that both have in the one that they select. 


My inquiries to Zoom have gone nowhere other than to submit it as a suggestion. 




Do we have any Zoom representatives here to comment on this?