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Zoom's DNS records are misconfigured


This problem prevents me from connecting to a meeting about 50% of the time.

My router enforces DNSSEC. And half the time isn't resolvable. Here's a snippet from my router's logs :




info: resolving DS IN
info: query response was nodata ANSWER
debug: verify: signature mismatch
info: NSEC3s for the referral did not prove no DS.
info: Could not establish a chain of trust to keys for DNSKEY IN


When I reached out to my DNS provider for help they linked me to this DNS security analyzer:

It shows that has problems such as:

  • No DS records found for in the us zone
  • No DNSKEY records found
  • No RRSIGs found

As a work around, I can turn off DNSSEC or hardcode an IP address for in my hosts file. But I don't want to sacrifice security.


Hopefully zoom will fix their DNS records. 


Community Champion


   Thank you for this post. It would be best for you to open a ticket with our Support Team so that you can get an answer directly from our Security Team.


One thing I noticed from the Verisign site is that any large company I search shows the same missing records as you found for


Thank you!

I looked for a way to submit a support ticket before posting here. But I couldn't find a way to do that. 


My DNS provider linked that Verisign page to me when they told me the problem was coming from zoom. (I included it in case it's helpful). Perhaps the logs I posted show the problem better. 

Community Champion


   We had a ticket opened for you on this. Please let me know if you haven't received an email from our support team.

Thank you!