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Zoom causes panic kernel


I've used Zoom for a couple of years, but over the past month it has been abruptly shutting down the computer a few seconds after joining a meeting, with a whooshing sound.  I run it on windows 10 on an apple computer through bootcamp, so when I Switched over to OSX I found it had caused a panic kernel.  I made sure the antivirus and both operating systems were fully updated before checking the updated version of Zoom.  It was a 32-bit version, so I deleted it and upgraded to the most recent 64-bit version.  This worked for about a week and then it started shutting down again.  I followed the same procedure, but it didn't work until I deleted Zoom and reinstalled it.  Does anybody have an explanation for what's causing the shutdowns?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @WPEEng suggest you contact our Zoom technical support and they can further look into your issue. Support may request meeting or webinar problem report and client logs

Zoom Community Moderator

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