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Zoom Outlook Add-in Recurring Meetings




I have the Zoom Add-in for Outlook. When I create a recurring meeting there is no issue. However, if I try to go back and edit a single instance of this recurring meeting whether it is changing the day/time or removing/adding participants, the program will either not save or throw an error.


Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone have insight on a potential solution?

Thank you



We are also experiencing this issue. Zoom support has just said to reinstall and it hasn't helped. Our assistant team is pretty frustrated. 




I work in a support capacity and am trying to assist a user with this exact issue.  What I have found is that the Zoom app itself, will let me cancel one instance of the recurring meeting, and then discovered that OWA will also let me cancel the meeting on the Outlook side.  I have deduced that it is the Outlook client that will NOT let me cancel the single instance of the meeting.


So here is what I have done so far:

Removed Zoom app and Zoom plugin. Downloaded and installed the most current version of Zoom app (5.16.6) and Zoom Plugin (5.15.5) and ran a Quick Repair of Office 365.  None of these fixed the issue thru the Outlook client.  I am currently working on doing a full repair of O365 on my clients machine.  I will try to post back here if that works.

UPDATE to my post: 

I ran a full Office 365 online repair, which basically removes office and downloads an updated version.  After some recurring meeting testing, it seems to be working properly for my user.   She will plan to keep the OWA option in her back pocket as a work around, in case she get's stuck again.


Yes, found the same issue after installing latest MSFT patches this month. Did you recently do the same?


So another member of our support team worked with Zoom support, just over the end of last week and came up with this solution:


First he confirmed Zoom client and plugin version, he had to update the plugin to the latest version,

Still got the same error following test.


Then he opened the full meeting series, put a space in the subject/description line, clicked send,

and was then able to make changes to one occurrence of the meeting series.


He said that Zoom support confirmed, Adding the space to the full series ensures the updated outlook plugin fixes the inconsistencies that causes the 3000 and 4502 error


We still do not know what the root cause is, but that is the "fix" we were given for this issue.


(and the work around I found, which was to use OWA to delete one instance of the meeting series)


Good luck!