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Zoom One | Business Tier | Multiple Meeting Failure


I'm on Zoom One, under a Business price tier, and I had two one-hour meetings scheduled thirty minutes apart and I was the primary host, with multiple colleagues listed as alternative hosts. 


According to zoom: it is possible for me to host multiple meetings at the same time; however that wasn't the case in this instance. 


Before going beyond the point of no return, we even assigned "host" to a meeting attendee outside our organization to try keep the meeting going. 


However, that did nothing. We warned the meeting in progress of our embarrassing issue, and how to rejoin a new meeting; and when the new one started the meeting in progress ended for all - and we were forced to end the meeting through a pop-up in Zoom. 


Please advise if there is anything I can do to fix this, or if I have read the zoom article incorrectly.