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Bitdefender causing Zoom to start slow and become unresponsive.


I was running Bitdefender Total Security on my Windows PC and the Zoom client would take minutes to launch and starting or joining meetings would also take 1 to 2 minutes (the first time). The Zoom client would indicate "not connected", or "connecting", or "not responding". Sometimes during a meeting, my video would freeze or starting to share would freeze for 1 to 2 minutes. We have multiple Zoom Pro licenses for business presentations, Webinars, and meetings and this was obviously not acceptable.


I tried disabling all Bitdefender services from the Bitdefender dashboard, but this had no effect. It was only after I totally uninstalled Bitdefender and reverted back to the Windows Defender did the problem instantly go away.


Anybody having issues with Zoom and Bitdefender? Any ideas how to fix this?



Same issue here. I had to uninstall the program to get it to work. 

Same issue - after installing bitdefender the use of zoom became unstable and the program takes 3-5 minutes to launch