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Zoom Is Not Allowing Me to Upgrade to Latest Version


Hello Everyone: I have used the Zoom Basic plan for years but have not used it recently. When trying to sign into a meeting, I got a message saying I had to upgrade to the latest version. I followed the links to upgrade, but then I reached an impasse: I got a message saying: Unable to install updates. Error code: 10004. I use a 2017 Mac desktop & I have one of the latest operating systems: Ventura 13.6, so I don't know how to what the problem is.  I am a baby boomer, not a techie & your advice would be greatly appreciated.   


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @phil-2b-free.


It’s possible that the version you have installed is so old that it can’t really even get started with Zoom to the point you can actually start an update process. 

You don’t mention what device you’re on or what version it is. If you can, please provide an update here, if the following information doesn’t fix the issue. 

The best approach is to delete the Zoom app manually in your desktop OS, then reinstall fully from scratch, which should bypass any issues. 

See these Zoom Support articles for additional help:  <install from scratch

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