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Participant option to save chat is missing


I am a non licensed User in an account with a Pro license. The Account Owner has a Pro license and the Account Owner has 7 Users in the Account, all non licensed.  Three of these Users (including me) have the Account Owner Host key so that one of us can start our monthly Zoom meeting when the Account Owner can't attend. 

The account was set up in 2020 by myself. I set up a recurring, no-specific-time meeting which has been used since I set it up in 2020. I don't recall exactly when Zoom rolled out expanded chat options but at the time I set up this Meeting, I enabled the account setting which allowed the chat to be saved to the Host's local computer and the Host would email the chat out to our guild members. 


Later, when other chat options rolled out, I enabled those advanced chat settings in the Account Owner Meetings tab and the Account Management Settings- Meeting Tab. Both were enabled the same way. In other words they are enabled to allow "everyone and directly" to participate in meeting chats and save chats.


A few weeks ago we had a new Participant and she could not save the chat during a meeting. That's when some other Participants said they they couldn't save the chat anymore either. For some reason they did not have the "save chat" option in the chat's elepsis menu (...). (They all can participate in the meeting chat and they all can see the elepsis in the chat menu.)


So I am wondering why some of them cannot save the meeting chat. Is it because we are starting meetings now with a Host Key? Is it because we are allowing Participants to now join meetings even when they do no have a Zoom account? Is it because we allow Participants to join with a browser now instead of requiring a Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile App? Does the ability for the Participant to save the meeting chat depend on what device the Host or the Participant is using, or what version of the Zoom client is being used?


I saw a post somewhere that said the when scheduling the meeting, there was an option during the meeting scheduleding process that has a checkbox to allow Participants to download the chat. However I do not see that as an option when I click on the Edit button for our recurring Meeting. I really don't want to have to recreate a new meeting as our elderly guild members struggle with change. 


I've spent 2 days searching for clues as to why some Participants have the ability to save the Chat and other Participants don't. Ironically one of the Participants who doesn't have the option to save the Chat is a User in the Owner Account. She can save it when she is using the Host Key but can't save it when she joins as a Participant. 


I didn't attend last months meeting so I am getting this information second hand. Our next meeting is in a week. I plan to join the meeting this time without signing into Zoom to test out what a Participant sees when they are not signed in. Then leave the meeting and rejoin with the Zoom Client after signing in.


Meanwhile, if anyone has any other ideas for me, I will pass them along to our members at the next meeting.