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Visually Impaired Participant Can't Join Breakout Group


I have a visually impaired participant who can't see buttons on her screen. When we have breakout rooms, she gets left in the main room because she can't click the button to 'join' the room. How can I, as host, push her into the room? Thank you for any help! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Slipman407.  Sorry for the delayed response.


Probably the better question would be: How can we make the experience more usable for folks using screen readers?


But to answer your question, after she gets the prompt to join the breakout room, there's not much the host can do to help the user further.  If you've since found a work-around, please come back and let us all know what it was!

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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



One approach could be to use the main room as the breakout room for that person and a few others so they don’t have to move. The rest of the participants could still go to their breakout rooms. 

if you Google screen reader+university+zoom you will find articles written by Accessibility's departments at various schools. Schools spend a lot of time thinking about how to support people with accessibility needs.


Here is a link to a couple of examples: 

To request Zoom accessibility support, please email access@ (Take out the space in this email address)