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Virtual Background


Hey there,


I have a problem with the virtual background which looks like on the photo attached.


I am working with MacOS  Mojave 10.14.6 (18G7016).


Can somebody please help? 🙂


Thanks a lot.





In the Virtual Backgrounds popup, at the bottom, you'll see a "I have a greenscreen" checkbox.  If you uncheck this checkbox, that should fix the issue.


The reason for this is:  when the checkbox is checked, then the Virtual Background feature will work by "chroma keying" out a certain color.  This aspect of the feature must be used with a greenscreen (a green or blue screen which is placed behind you).  When you uncheck this checkbox, then Virtual Background instead uses an edgefinding technology to remove your background--it looks for the edges of your face and body, and removes everything behind it using computer vision.  So unchecking that box allows the feature to work without a greenscreen, basically.


Hey Stefan,

thanks a lot for your help.

I tried to do it but then it shows the attached info that my GreenScreen needs to be activated.

Is my Macbook too old for that to work?

Or do I maybe need to update it ?