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Video Recording File Formats (Local Recording)


I video record many Zoom meetings to Local Recording.  As of yesterday, October 25, 2022, my locally recorded video files are showing multi-resolution and variable frame rate formats.  Zoom has a recent article dated October 13, 2022 entitled Understanding Recording File Formats which states "With version 3.5 and above, the MP4 recording is a single-resolution with fixed frame rate format to ensure better compatibility with media players. Versions prior to 3.5 are created using individual MP4 files and are multi-resolution with variable frame rate format."  The Zoom version I'm currently on is Version 5.12.0 (11129).  Does anyone know why I'm recording multi-resolution and variable frame rates with this Version of Zoom?  Thank you.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I'm aware that multiple resolutions can be created when an attendee in the meeting shares a screen that is a high-resolution screen. So, even though my meeting is a 1080 meeting, if someone shares their screen of a 4k monitor it will record that at 4k, and in fact have to transcode the rest of the meeting up to that 4k. The way to cure this is to ensure that the "Optimize for Video" is selected prior to sharing.

I'm not sure about the varying frame rates, though. It may be related.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Thank you for your email reply.  I recorded five (5) video files.  The first numbers are Resolution, the second is Frame size.  I have video optimized by checking the box in Video - Advanced.  Is there another place to make sure video is optimized?  'm still confused. Thanks.


Clip 1 - 1280 x 720 16:9 -- 652 x 367 (Scaled 0.51x)

Clip 2 - 1280 x 802 16:10 -- 681 x 427 (Scaled 0.53x)

Clip 3 - 1582 x 802 -- 698 x 354 (Scaled 0.44x)

Clip 4 - 1572 x 796 -- 534 x 270 (Scaled 0.34x)

Clip 5 - 1458 x 798 -- 607 x 332 (Scaled 0.42x)