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Video Panel disappears randomly while screen sharing


I am on Mac Mini 2023 with two monitors. On occasion, the video panel with the participants just disappears when I screen share, which is very frustrating. I have "use dual monitors" selected. This happens randomly without obvious reason.


For example, today I was in a Zoom session, and everything worked fine - could see the video panel while screensharing. I disconnected and reconnected to the same Zoom session, but when I screen shared, the video panel disappeared. Clicking on "show video panel" button did not do anything. I tried stopping and restarting screen share several times but did not fix it. I tried searching around different desktops but could not find the video panel. The only way I fixed this was to quit and restart Zoom and rejoin the meeting - fortunately this worked. Any ideas how to fix this?



I have the same issue, it started out of the blue from one Zoom to the next: I could see the gallery and then I could not. Disappeared when I screen shared and no button to get it back.

I found a potential workaround, when this happens I went into settings and turned "use dual monitors" off and back on. It seems to bring back the video panel. Definitely not a solution but a temporary fix