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Upload immersive view custom images for entire account


Hi Team,
Noticed that as an admin I can't upload custom immersive view images for entire users in my account. Is there a plan for Zoom to come with these options? Something similar to the virtual background. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @sajithkumar 

I am not aware of any such upcoming enhancements like that to Immersive view, but its a solid idea. I encourage you to visit our Zoom Feedback form, which is the official way to share any feedback or feature requests with the Zoom team. Thanks!


Also setting the number of participant for each view and location to place rather than drag, drop and resize.

Ex: if you have 25 participants in a meeting with custom immersive picture, the host still need to organize the size and location, the one who is uploading the image should have the possibility to set locations where pictures should be place while adding the image to the gallery