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When were the all/one/one or more options for recurring meeting registration released?


Trying to figure out a change made over my 2 year absence from admining our Zoom account.
The job here was to create a recurring series of meetings for public attendees that were required to register per-meeting to attend.

When was the all/one/one-or-more options added to recurring meeting registration?  
Basically, what appears to be happening is that if the ALL option is selected, a single registrant list is created for the ENTIRE recurrence. If ONE or ONE-OR-MORE is selected, individual registrant lists are created for the chosen meetings in the recurrence and added to with each new registrant.  This suggests that the intent of these options is that registration should be considered to be associated with the entire recurrence rather than individual meetings.

Stated another way, it seems that Zoom events is the way to go if per-meeting registration of recurring meetings is desired. Basically, per-meeting registration is effectively selling free tickets to a meeting - which is an event. The only other way is to create unique meetings with similar content.