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Updating Meeting Information does not Update on Synced Calendar


Post meeting creation, the sync of the calendar seems to stop.


If I create a meeting in the zoom client, it is added to my calendar in outlook. However, if I change meeting details on the zoom client, those changes are not reflected in meeting created on outlook. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Or is it necessary to update both the meetings on the zoom client and on the calendar? 





Hey Jemzoom - I'm experiencing the same non-syncing issue, but in reverse.  I want to create Zoom mtgs via Outlook, which then adds it to the Zoom client, but if we change the Outlook meeting, the Zoom clients doesn't get updated and employees/clients receive alerts that a Zoom meeting is about to start, but it was already rescheduled.  The rescheduled Outlook meeting isn't syncing with Zoom client to move the meeting.  

Did you ever hear back or get any guidance on this issue?

Hi Blehn,


I have not heard back anything. I guess the only method to update rescheduled meetings is to delete them and then create a new one. 


Hi Jemzoom, 


I am experiencing the same issue as you. Following this in hopes for an update!


Jemzoom, are you working on a physical PC or a VM?


Hi Jemzoom, 


See my older post - are you working on a PC or are  you connecting to a Virtual Machine? 

Hi Paul08,


I am using a PC. The zoom outlook plugin, zoom client, and outlook application are all locally installed.