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Updating Meeting Information does not Update on Synced Calendar


Post meeting creation, the sync of the calendar seems to stop.


If I create a meeting in the zoom client, it is added to my calendar in outlook. However, if I change meeting details on the zoom client, those changes are not reflected in meeting created on outlook. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Or is it necessary to update both the meetings on the zoom client and on the calendar? 





Hey Jemzoom - I'm experiencing the same non-syncing issue, but in reverse.  I want to create Zoom mtgs via Outlook, which then adds it to the Zoom client, but if we change the Outlook meeting, the Zoom clients doesn't get updated and employees/clients receive alerts that a Zoom meeting is about to start, but it was already rescheduled.  The rescheduled Outlook meeting isn't syncing with Zoom client to move the meeting.  

Did you ever hear back or get any guidance on this issue?

Hi Blehn,


I have not heard back anything. I guess the only method to update rescheduled meetings is to delete them and then create a new one. 

I have the same issue as blehn.  Did you figure out how to fix this?  Right now, I have to manually edit the zoom client time every time I change the Outlook meeting.  This used to work correctly for me before!  Seems like something has broken.

Hi @blehn. I'm having the same problem as you - I only schedule through Outlook 365 on Windows 10 using Zoom plug-in 5.11.0 (6569). I expect Zoom to be updated by magic. Outlook is the source of truth, not Zoom.


Most of my Outlook changes correctly update the associated Zoom meeting. Today I thought I had a meeting with our CTO based on the Zoom pop-up, but it had been rescheduled through Outlook many days ago. Looking forward in the Zoom website, there is no Zoom meeting corresponding to the reschedule in Outlook. I was lucky this time, but can't assume I'll be lucky next time.


I think the reason I've not yet been caught by the "there's no corresponding meeting in my Zoom account" is either because I typically use the Personal Meeting ID and can start the meeting through the Zoom client, or maybe the Zoom plugin reads my calendar entries, sees a Zoom link, and throws a Start button onto the reminder pop-up in real time.

Blehn and all ... has anyone found a resolution for this issue?  I, too, am having it and it's 9 months after these posts!

Nothing here. It's still an annoying problem. (That, and all meeting recordings are named after my personal room. 🙄 )


Hi Jemzoom, 


I am experiencing the same issue as you. Following this in hopes for an update!


Jemzoom, are you working on a physical PC or a VM?


Hi Jemzoom, 


See my older post - are you working on a PC or are  you connecting to a Virtual Machine? 

Hi Paul08,


I am using a PC. The zoom outlook plugin, zoom client, and outlook application are all locally installed. 



Has there been any fix or reply on this for anyone? Everything worked smoothly for me earlier in the year, now I'm wasting foolish time having to update Zoom internally when I change and cancel meetings in Outlook. What's the point in the add-in and supposed integration if it doesn't integrate backwards? Feeling quite frustrated by how clunky this has become. 


Nothing heard on my end. Just yesterday I had a blip in the heart rate when a reminder for a rescheduled-from-Outlook meeting with a VP that never got rescheduled by Zoom popped up on my screen. I don't know what the other person sees in their calendar, but he didn't complain to me.


This is more annoying when you have unique meeting IDs vs. personal meeting IDs, since you can't tell what happens if you don't manually reschedule in Zoom but attempt to start the meeting on the correct day.

I am also experiencing the same behavior and we are 6 months further. just noticed that signing out and signing back into zoom updated the meeting calendar. not sure if this can be of help. it is not a resolution as this should go automatic but maybe developing some sign out/in habit at the beginning or end of the day could avoid the majority of this (unless the meeting change is with the same day of course).


Same thing happened to me.  I change and update the meeting time in Outlook, send the Meeting Update and I STILL receive a response from Zoom about the meeting is set to start at the first time I scheduled it for.  Any resolution on this...or are they asleep at the wheel??   Can't MS and Zoom get together and resolve this??


Hey Everyone, just found this discussion after spending 2 hours last night trying to troubleshoot the syncing issue. Ugh. I schedule events in Outlook 365 and then use the add-on for zoom events. The issue I ran into yesterday is when I attempted to schedule a series of events in Outlook 365 and customized a few of the occurrences. Zoom does not update even when I go into the Event Series --> Zoom --> Settings --> Update.
I tested this same process with a single occurrence in Outlook 365 and Zoom did update the event I tested (moved the time) but left the old time there too in the meetings log as if there were 2 meetings. I had to manually delete the event with the original time. 

For anyone scheduling series in Outlook, I found this answer in the Zoom Support group:

Last Updated: August 23, 2023

With automatic bi-directional syncing, you can ensure that the Zoom meetings that you create or update on either Zoom or external calendars will automatically sync across all integrated applications, such as the Zoom web portal, Zoom client, and integrated calendars.

Note: Currently, this feature only supports updates made to an individual meeting (non-recurring) or an entire series. Changes to a single occurrence in a recurring meeting are not supported and will not sync correctly.

Prerequisites for enabling calendar event syncing

Note: At this time, when changing the meeting type from a recurring meeting to a single meeting, this feature does not support Office 365.


I'm reaching out to Zoom directly to see where things stand. I'll post any updates I receive. Best of luck everyone. Maybe we can get AI to do the manual updates for us. 😉

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Depending on your email / calendar platform  you use, you may need your organizations Email administrator to allow  bi directional calendar syncing. I believe this is true for exchange based calendars