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Unusual 'warning message' ...


'unable to establish secure connection to Zoom' appeared last night and today when I set up a meeting. Message says it may happen if I have to log in to my network or using public WiFi. I'm doing nothing differently to what I've done for the last 3 years, however. The message can be dismissed but comes back up again shortly after. Anyone else had this? And why?



I had this issue start up on Jan 9, so I opened a ticket with Zoom on Jan 10 for this issue - here's the resolution from them that worked for me. I'm using a MacBook Pro running Monterey, so the instructions are specific to Mac. I would assume similar steps are needed for non-Mac users.


  1. Quit Zoom
  2. Go to Finder
  3. Click Go at the very top of your screen
  4. Hold the Options button down on your keyboard
  5. Click Library when it appears
  6. Open the Application Support folder
  7. Delete the folder
  8. Go to Applications and remove Zoom if it is still in there
  9. Reboot your MAC laptop
  10. Redownload Zoom to get the latest version and install it