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Unable to click on hyperlinks shared in Zoom chat


When I am in a Zoom meeting, it will not allow me to click on hyperlinks in the chat window. I made sure my MacBook, Chrome browser, and Zoom app are all up to date (they are). I’ve restarted my computer several times, no luck. I’ve googled for answers, I've come here for answers, and nothing has helped beyond what I’ve already tried. And yes, the hyperlinks are blue. The only way I can get the link to work is highlighting the link to copy, then going to the browser to paste the link, but it wastes time & distracts me from the meeting I’m in. I had this same problem 3 years ago & it’s happening again out of the blue. Any idea what’s going on or what I can do?


More info:

2023 MacBook Pro, Sonoma 14.3.1

Google Chrome version: 121.0.6167.184

Zoom version: 5.17.5