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Trimming Cloud Recording in progress for 15 minutes


Firstly, the new Trimming function is awful and very unintuitive. You don't know which way is going to be lost and which is kept.


I think I just about worked it out but kept seven seconds more than I wanted so trimmed that and for the last 15 minutes, Trimming is in progress. It seems to have failed and now I can't access the video.


Any ideas?



I am losing my mind with this new trim feature. I used to be able to edit our online recorded yoga classes in seconds, now I can not pinpoint the exact seconds I want on the recording because the trim feature jumps 8 seconds at a time. Once I finished a mediocre trim, now I have been waiting 15 minutes for the "trimming in process." I dont have time to trim a recording, walk away from it to process, and then come back to send out classes.  This new trim feature is NOT developed enough to have been released. Zoom.... please go back to the previous editing feature until you have this more flushed out and smooth. This new trim feature is terrible.  


Hey @adaniels99 and @MachelleLee, after going to and testing trimming my recording, I wasn't able to reproduce the trimming jumping 8 seconds at a time? Seemed to trim by the second (looking at the duration timer when trimming). And according to our KB article on Playing and trimming cloud recordings, trimming sections are indicated by the blue bar. You can click the play button to play the trimmed section. During playback, you can click anywhere on the trim sections (blue bar) to skip to another part of cloud recording.


Any additional feedback you have about this feature you can share at, thanks! 😀

Zoom Community Moderator

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What on earth are you talking about?

Just look at the number of people complaining about this badly thought out change to what was originally an easy way of trimming.

It used to be so easy, now it's ridiculously difficult!