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Technical Jargon


I received a message after opening Zoom...

"On February 4, 2023, Zoom will be enforcing a minimum version..."

There was a link, I clicked on the link.

I was taken to a page that attempted to explain what this message meant.

The explanation is way above my technical knowledge and understanding of terminology.

All I wish to do is open Zoom and use it. I don't have time, motivation or desire to learn the technical ins-and-outs.

After this, I have no idea whether I am supposed to do something, whether the service is going to keep going, what is going to be "enforced" (such sinister language!), etc. And I refuse to spend the time to learn the technical stuff, it is not my field.

I don't understand why this kind of complexity is necessary for users to know. I wish Zoom would simply keep the service that I paid for running without bombarding with technical jargon. Please!