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Simple code to join a meeting (like to redirect a Zoom link)?


I've found all sorts of complicated information about registering for and using the Zoom API with OAuth or JWT to join meetings, but I don't need all these complications! I just want to offer my clients a simple Web address such as "" (which I own) and have it act just like the longer address "**255121?pwd=WWdCY21QaDFHQ0**R2RVMFUweWQvdz09". The meeting (which I own) is already scheduled, can be joined anytime, and I don't need to use the restricted browser interface.


Isn't there a one-line way to do this in PHP on my server? A web search didn't help.



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The only way to use your personal website would be to create a custom page using the SDKs, or create a redirect to Zoom using the parameters of the call.  It is possible, however, to use to join meetings with the basic format you highlighted above.  You won't be able to eliminate the meeting id, and you will have to add a passcode if you are using one, but it can easily be generated using PHP.


So if you have meeting id 8452125521 with passcode 'abcdef', you would just generate the URL '' and that would take you to the browser, which in turn would start the client if it is available in order to join the meeting.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @david3 ,


While our experts look into helping provide you with support, I suggest that you edit your post above and remove your personal ID number and web URL link, as this could be considered personally identifiable information. I also doubt that you want others to be able to hop on your call (this is a public forum, as stated in our Community Guidelines  🙂). 


Thanks, and our SMEs look forward to assisting you!


Zoom Community Team
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